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Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson

Beechworth, Victoria


Glen Johnson Born 1973, started painting as a child age 7 inspired by his mother, artist, Joy Cresp who had been painting at age 16, growing up in an art environment has supplied the building blocks to have a career as an artist, I remember my first commissions piece at age 12 and the happiness it brought to the customerís art was just a way of life being involved in joyís, art exhibitions and working in the family framing business, travelling through out Australia and selling art where ever we stopped.
Always calling Beechworth home, Glen Johnson predominantly a self taught artist has had a long history in painting with local, Beechworth artists, Joy Cresp. Recently in 2006-2007 undergone study into the Arts, furthering his art skills and has completed a diploma in Visual arts at Wangaratta Tafe, Double Majoring in Both Painting and Photography.
Currently Glen Johnson, has Opened an art Gallery in Beechworth, with Joy Cresp, called Dayspring Gallery meaning the dawn of new Beginnings to Promote and showcase his and Joy Cresp, art works along with other well known artists of the area.
Glen Johnson, Paintings, Drawings and Photography have an unique style and quality works showing impressions of magnificent color and light of which people seem to enjoy the experience, in wonder and splendor taking the viewer to a peaceful place, of harmony and colourís seeing the world through the artist eyes being captivated and inspired by creation and nature with cultural influences of generations.


mountain stream by Glen Johnson


Bush Track by Glen Johnson


on the fence by Glen Johnson


Mnt Buffalo ovens river by Glen Johnson


Bush Tunes by Glen Johnson


The Debate by Glen Johnson


out to play by Glen Johnson


autumn walk by Glen Johnson


Coffee Shop by Glen Johnson


Coffee Delight by Glen Johnson


I got the blues three tryptage by Glen Johnson


I got the blues tryptage by Glen Johnson


I got the blues1 tryptage by Glen Johnson


kooka duo by Glen Johnson


Brush Tail Possum by Glen Johnson


Pink Gallah's by Glen Johnson


Mother and Daughter by Glen Johnson


The Buckland river by Glen Johnson


kooka Tryptage 1 by Glen Johnson


Kooka Tryptage 2 by Glen Johnson


Kooka Tryptage 3 by Glen Johnson


My Prince by Glen Johnson


Mnt Buffalo Victoria by Glen Johnson


Oven's River Myrtleford by Glen Johnson


Bush Sunrise by Glen Johnson


ovens river victoria by Glen Johnson


harvest by Glen Johnson


pelican muse by Glen Johnson